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Welded chain
Quick links; C-chain links; C-link hooks; Gr-80 chain connections; Weldless master link; Weldless ring; Weldless sling link; Waist link; Grab link; DIN5688-3 master links. Mainly ...
Many type terminals
U. S type A casting wire rope clips; U. S. Type B casting wire rope clips; JIS type fully forged type; U. S, forged type; U-clips. Mainly in stainless steel and carbon steel.
White copy paper for 70g, 80g.
Casting swivels
Forged and casting pulleys
U. S. Type turnbuckles, JIS type turnbuckles, DIN1480 turnbuckles, Close type turnbuckles, Decklashing turnbuckles. Mainly SUS304, SUS316 and carben steel, forged and casting.
Welded rings and forged rings and casting rings
SUS304 or SUS316 or Galvanized all type shackles. Mainly: Eur. Type shackles, JIS type shackles, U. S. Type shackles which is made by Forging, Free forging or Casting.
Eur. Type normal thimbles, Eur. Type light thimbles, B. S. 464type thimbles, U. S. Type thimles--G-411, G-414, DIN6899 A type, DIN6899B type, JIS type thimbles, mainly in SUS304 & ...
Forged and casting eye-bolts
Forged and casting eye-nuts
330--Clevis grab hooks; 331-Clevis slip hooks; 323-Eye grab hooks; 324--Eye slip hooks; 322--Swivel hooks; 320--Eye hooks; Self locked hooks; 319--Shank hooks; Snap hooks. Mainly ...
General size of wire ropes

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